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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Three Months Old

Well Friday will mark Chloe's 3 month birthday.

During this time we have had an amazing time with our beautiful baby girl. She is growing every day and I am continually amazed by her and what she can do. Every new thing she learns and responds to is a joy for Shane and I.

Chloe now weighs 6.4kg and is 61cm long. She has grown 10cm and more than doubled her weight! So she is absolutely thriving, I am still amazed how she can grow so much just from me feeding her breast milk!

We have had a couple of adventures since she was born. We have had visits from Poppy, Aunty Kirsty and family, Aunty Amy and future Uncle Tones, Uncle Kim and Aunty Beth and Nanny Wendy. In late September we headed down to Ballina for cousin Freddy's Christening. Chloe met all her cousins on my side of the family and Uncle Daniel and Aunty Adele. She was also introduced to extended family, Vicky and John, Helen and Gary and Stacey. It was a great time, very exhausting but great to be around family. It was here that Daniel and Adele introduced me to the most amazing sleeping suit in the world, it has kept Chloe settled at nights and helps her sleep.

It has been an wonderful time but has gone so fast.

Thought I would take this opportunity to write down a few things that she now does:-

  • Loves swinging in her Elmo swing and will fall asleep in it when tired;
  • She smiles at everything, an amazingly happy baby. Her whole face lights up and she has the cutest dimples;
  • Has almost started giggling, she lets out a little squeal occasionally;
  • Loves "this little piggy" and "round and round the garden", will smile and almost giggle;
  • Holds her head up very well, still occasionally it gets a bit heavy for her;
  • Does not like tummy time;
  • Is still sleeping in her bassinet beside our bed, mostly for convenience for night time feeding;
  • Has slept up to 8.5 hrs at night in her small sleep suit;
  • Wakes up every 4-5 hrs when sleeping in her bigger sleep suit;
  • Likes to feed regularly during the day, especially in this heat;
  • Likes the mobile in her cot and smiles at it, am currently familiarising her with her cot as she gets freaked out in unfamiliar areas;
  • Likes a light on when we sleep, she sleeps much better;
  • Takes a couple of hours to settle at night time;
  • Is an absolute treasure and a very placid baby.
Well there are a few things about our little Chloe. We very much are in love with our baby girl.

She is growing so quickly and I am loving every minute of being her mum!

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  1. I love you guys!!! She is beautiful :) Mum would be smitten, and SO proud of you...You are an amazing mummy :)