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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Third Trimester....on the downhill run

So I am now in my third trimester, all is going well at the moment. Only 12 weeks to go, yikes! There is so much to do and so little time, yet I am getting bigger and much slower, so it takes me forever to do anything, when I actually manage to have the energy to do anything!

I had another scan at around 20 weeks and they took thousands of measurements and everything was how it was meant to be. They found and measured everything that they should have, which was a big relief. We also found out we were having a little girl! Although, she was very modest at the time (which is a good thing for a little girl) it made it difficult for them to determine, two people had a look and both confirmed there was the "3 lines" which indicates girlie bits and not boy bits.

I have been feeling well since about 16 or 17 weeks. I had a good 10 weeks and have started getting very tired again. If I get too tired then I start to feel unwell again, so I have to start reducing my hours at work to the "normal" hours instead of doing 1-2 hours overtime each day.

I had my glucose test on Thursday, checking for gestational diabetes. Little BB enjoyed the sugary goodness of the glucose, about half hour after I had drunk it there was a lot of movement, I am thinking somersaults! I will get the results next Friday afternoon.

It has been a really interesting time for me. I am still in shock that there is a little person growing inside me and that this person will come to rely on me 100% in a few short months. It is all a bit surreal for me that I have this person inside me....I can only imagine how difficult it is for Shane to try and comprehend.

I felt the baby move for the first time on 29 March around 9pm(I remember the date cause it was 8 months and about 1 hour after mum passed away, those dates just stick with you). I had just gone to bed and settled down and felt a light fluttering in my belly that went on and off for about half an hour.

Shane felt the baby move for the first time on Easter Monday. I had seen my belly move when I was at dads for the Easter long weekend and knew he would be able to feel it. I drove home Easter Monday and she started moving when I went to bed. So I came out to the lounge room (Shane was still up) and sat down but she stopped moving, so after about half hour of nothing I went back to bed. Shane came to bed a little while later and while I was lying the
re she started moving again.

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my belly and he felt her move. It was a nice moment, sitting there for about a minute and then after awhile, Shane did an aliens impersonation which made me laugh and the movement was gone.

I have to admit, I don't know what I would have done without my husband over the last 5 months, he has been amazing. He hasn't stopped cooking, cleaning and helping me up, lol! He has been there for me throughout everything, including those emotional days, stupid pregnancy hormones! I love him soooo much!

It has also been a time of great sadness for me. I feel like I am missing out on a huge part of the whole pregnancy experience, sharing this moment with my mummy! It is so hard because I know she would have played a huge part in my pregnancy. She would have been so excited and come shopping with me and it would have been such a fun thing. I know she would have ensured that I knew what was going on, that I had everything I need. I feel like I have no idea about all this mother type stuff, the stuff she knew so well and was amazing at.

At the moment I am relying a lot on books to find out all those little things that I know mum would have prepared me for. I have been blessed with a knowledgeable sister, Kirsty and a wonderful friend, Mandy! I am so lucky, not only will I have my amazing husband Shane with me when our baby is born but Kirsty will be there as well. She will be the brains of the event, having been in this situation previously herself. She is even coming down next weekend to attend our antenatal class with Shane and I. I am lucky to have these amazing people around me!

Mandy has been amazing, ensuring I have things like bio oil to prevent my stretch marks, breast pads in my bag in case I start leaking early, showing me how to put together an electric breast pump, providing all those little things that I wouldn't have otherwise known. Mum was always so open with us about life and prepared us well but there are some things you just don't need to know until it happens.

I feel so sad that my mummy is not here for this, I feel very empty at times without her for this big event in my life. At times I just break down, I can't do this without her, I want my mummy. She should be here for this!