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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ballina for the weekend

I want to start by sharing some awesome friend Louise and her husband welcomed their first baby, son Jett, into the world on Monday! I am so excited and happy for them. This baby is a miracle and I believe will be an absolute blessing to them both! They will be wonderful parents. This is a truly wanted baby! Congratulations Louise and Tony, hope everything is going well, I can't wait to meet Jett!

So this weekend I headed down to Ballina for the weekend. My husband is over in Perth for work and so I have decided to spend some quality time with my dad and sister each weekend.

Friday afternoon I finished work, headed home to pick up the dog and started my trip to Ballina. On my way down along the highway near the Gold Coast I watched as a van 50 metres in front of me in the left hand lane, lucky I was in the right hand lane, slammed on its brakes. I heard a screeching skid mark then saw the van start to fishtail, next thing it turned and hit the cement wall to its left head on. Just as I past it it was heading back onto the road. I freaked out and went to slam on my brakes but something stopped me and the thought was there, if you slam on your brakes you will end up the same, so I kept going! As I passed the van it spun round and I saw the damage to the front of the car. It was in shock I completed my journey to Ballina.

I arrived in Ballina at my dad's place, the first time I had been there to stay (I have previously been staying with Kim and Beth) since mum passed away! It was very sad heading to mum and dad's place with no mum there, just knowing she wouldn't be there running out the door to see me as I arrived made me so sad!

But I was so happy to see my daddy and my sister when I arrived. We had dinner, watched Dawson's Creek (oh the memories) and headed to bed! Unfortunately my dog Buddy had other ideas, he kept me awake all night he decided he was on guard duty and kept wandering all over the house!

Saturday dad and I went to visit mum in Lismore. The plaque for her grave arrived a couple of weeks ago and it was the first time I had seen it! It is just what she would have wanted...a fantastic fuschia plaque with gold edging! It stands out among the other graves, just how it should be!

It was a very difficult morning but was good to go spend time with mum again. Mums best friend Vicki has recently been involved in a floristry course and made mum the best bright pink posie ever. She left it there the week before and it still looked amazing, she is so talented and has been amazing to our family during this difficult time!

As we were heading back to Ballina i received a txt message from my friend Sarah who lives in the UK but is over in Australia at the moment on holidays, saying that she was in Ballina on her way back down to Canberra. I was stoked, I thought I had missed catching up with her in Brisbane on the Friday night cause I was in Ballina!

We caught up and spent some quality time together. I miss Sarah so much, she is such a joy to be around, always making me laugh, just what I needed! She gave me more exciting news...her and boyfriend Scott are engaged! I am so excited for them, they have been having a long distance relationship for about 7 years, Scott lives in Canberra!!!!! Congratulations Sarah and Scott, I am so happy for you and can't wait to attend the wedding! You guys are an amazing couple and love you both heaps!

We had a quite evening getting Thai takeaway, which was delicious, putting up the Christmas tree (another difficult moment - mum loved Christmas sooooo much) and watching Amy's new favourite, Dawson's Creek!

This morning I headed to Church with my dad and sister, I like to go and be the strong one there for my dad, he likes to go but is so hard for him cause it reminds him so much of mum and the time they spent there and how much she loved her Church. So the strong daughter ended up running out of the Church in tears....go me! Someone was sharing a story about how they had been so sick about 10 years ago, they were crippled with pain in their joints, their kidneys failed and they ended up on dialysis. She ended up being cured, her kidneys started functioning again and she looked quite healthy today. She was telling her story and all I could think was why not mum? Why wasn't my mum still here? Why did she have to go through all the pain of dialysis, a kidney transplant and then finally cancer? Why was my mum not still here? It is so unfair! I had to leave! I still don't understand and never will why my mummy was taken away from me and her whole family so early. It just was not meant to be this way! I ended up going back in and spoke with dad, he totally understood and was asking the same questions as me, and was sad too! Why was his BFF and wife taken from him! I don't think we will ever know!

Anyway, dad, Amy and I ended up going out for lunch which was lovely! Then I decided to kidnap my daddy and bring him back to Brisbane! So my dad is staying here with me for the week, to keep me company while my husband is away! I am so happy I have my daddy with me!

Hope you had a good weekend!

PS - Amy I hope you are feeling better!